Jacek Laskowski

As you all know it is often a common problem to deal with the traffic wardens in London and with unfair penalty notices. Working as a builder I often have to stop and unload my car in places where there isn’t a parking space. And few of those times I was unfairly given a penalty charge. Luckily my friends mentioned Lenka’s name to me few times before and therefore I knew who to turn to for advice. She applies against the decision of the council and will deal with the whole case right to the end until it is all resolved and penalty charge cancelled. It is sometimes hard to do that when you don’t speak English so well, and don’t know what to write…

She is excellent with what she does and she would never ever leave you in trouble. She has helped me on several occasions also with the child benefits and some tax matters and I know I can always rely on her help.

Jacek Laskowski (Poland)